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A rather dramatic entrance

Posted on November 09 2017

Welcome to Northgild


We began Northgild after a burst of inspiration a year ago. On the journey to launch since then, we’d love to say we’ve invested our blood, sweat in tears into it. Yet as it turns out, the more we searched for responsible alternatives, the more we found ourselves inspired, energised and filled with hope and promise.

As news stories such as the Pacific plastic vortex become more and more common, it’s all too easy to drift into despondency – but the answers to our sustainable future are out there. We were overwhelmed by the response we had from manufacturers, suppliers and enthusiastic people persons about the ethos that stood behind Northgild; so much so we have a large backlog of products to bring.

It’s easy to condemn the actions of big “business”, but it’s also easy to forget that we are experiencing an unprecedented set of challenges. Even though humanity has never lived at a time like this before in all of civilisation, while the world around us changes, the stories we tell remain the same.

And now, we have given ourselves the tools to ensure we can keep telling those stories. What excites us most is that the future is not a trade-off between durability and sustainability, or luxury and conscience, or even ecological collapse and life in an economically developed society. Provided we keep making those steps in the right direction, the future is a very hopeful place indeed.

Welcome to Northgild.